Heather And Marty

an inviting blend of vintage-inspired originals and freshly arranged standards

Vocal/Guitar Duo

Vocal/Guitar duo Heather And Marty performed their first time together when guitarist Marty Williamson was playing solo guitar at an Effingham, IL restaurant. “I used to play solo instrumental music at a place called Rexroat’s on weekends. Heather’s parents came often to hear me play and one evening she came with them. We ended up jamming together on the song Route 66, which became our tradition.”

Right away it was obvious their was a musical connection. When Heather moved back to Effingham from St. Louis the timing was right to form the vocal/guitar duo.

The music they perform reflects their diverse backgrounds and influences. “We like to mix it up with pop, jazz, and country standards from the 40’s to the 80’s,” explains Latta.

They keep it interesting by taking liberties with their arrangements and allowing room to improvise. Lately, the duo is focused on writing and recording original music. Their first album, "Back to Me and You," was recorded and released in 2014.