Heather And Marty

an inviting blend of vintage-inspired originals and freshly arranged standards

Vocal/Guitar Duo

Mixing and mastering and art work oh my!

05/28/14: Hello everyone!

It's starting to feel like this CD thing is really happening! We sent all of our songs to our sound technician and are in the process of finalizing the mixing and mastering. We have also been working with Tanya Pederson at Design Pro in Effingham on the art work for the CD cover. It's pretty cool to start hearing and seeing the results of all of our hard work!

We are getting excited about sharing everything with all of you at our release party! We are set for Friday, June 13 at the Effingham Performance Center. We will be playing from 7-10 that evening with our special guest, Mike Himebaugh from Hello Dave! 

Thank you all for your incredible support! You have allowed us to make this project a reality!

Stay tuned as we continue along this awesome journey!

-Heather and Marty