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NEW H&M crowdfunding project!

Gift Exchange Revealed!!

Hi, everyone!

First things first:

On Friday, I (Marty) will be in Chicago to play with my super awesome part-time rock band Hello Dave. If you've never heard Hello Dave, they have 5 CD's of original rock and roll. I played on the Chicago Twang album.

The show will be at Joe's on Weed St. and is a fundraiser for a horse and animal rescue organization called The Farm Way. Hello Dave frontman Mike Himebaugh founded The Farm Way in 2014.

On Saturday Heather & Marty will be playing Christmas songs at Mfred's Guitars & Guns in Mattoon from 1-3pm.

Recently, we've been hinting that Heather & I have a new project that we're excited about. In the spirit of Christmas, we're calling it a gift exchange. It's a crowdfunding idea (similar to Heather & Marty's "Back to Me & You" CD  and Marty's "Christmas at My House" CD projects) but instead of one lump sum for a CD, it's a small ongoing monthly pledge.

In exchange for the pledges, we'll write and record approximately one new song per month. All production costs will be paid for with money we receive from monthly donors. It's a win-win, value-for-value situation. By supporting our music with a patronage system, we have both opportunity and motivation to write songs on a regular basis. Think of it as monthly commissioned art. 

The patronage system was common in Beethoven's time and much of his work was funded by either wealthy art enthusiasts or the Catholic Church. Thanks to the internet and Patreon.com we can now do this by crowdfunding smaller pledges.  

We hope you'll take the time to check out our page at Patreon.com/HeatherAndMarty to see the rewards we are offering in exchange for your continued support. Even $5 per month would go a long way towards reaching our goal!

Please forward this email to anyone that might want to gift exchange with us.





Call/text: 217 343 4982