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Heather & Marty @ ALIS fundraiser - Saturday 5-7pm

Hi everyone!

Here's what's up this weekend for Heather & Marty:


Sat. Feb. 14th - Altamont Lutheran Interparish School fundraiser auction.  5-7 pm. (social hour)

At the beautiful new Carriage House Event Center in Altamont.


Only one show this weekend! Feels kind of nice to have only one show. Compared to the last 2 weeks, that's a vacation!

I actually like having a lot of things to do because:

   A) That means I'm working and usually enjoying what I'm doing.

   B) It makes any time off feel even more refreshing.

Friday Heather & I had a really fun show at Village Wine. Had a great, attentive audience and saw lots of familiar faces from the Effingham area. And it was super cool to see people we know from the surrounding counties make the trip. 

I'm especially thankful to have the Village Wine shop and Tuscan Hills Winery as local music venues. I grew up playing late night bar and dance hall gigs several nights per week and unfortunately most of those venues are gone or can't afford entertainment. About the same time the gigs started drying up I was tired of the 9 pm - 1 am grind and ready to move on. People that enjoy wine seem to go to bed earlier. That's a big plus!

Saturday afternoon was my guitar clinic at Chesnut Music. It went so well I'm already planning the next one!

Mostly I talked about the Nashville Number System, demonstrating typical chord progressions and key changes. The number system is how charts are written for Nashville studio musicians. It really speeds up the song learning and recording process. Once understood it can be a true revelation and I saw a couple "aha!" moments in the audience. That was my goal!

Here's a video of me, Kyle and Adam taking a ride on the "Orange Blossom Special"!

Saturday evening I had a student show at Village Wine. It was all adults with previous experience - and I couldn't be more proud of how well they did! Everyone played and sang a wide variety of songs both as soloists ( very hard to do!) and with accompaniment from me and other students.

The lineup was:

Richard Rudy

Kelly Stanfield

John Crouch

Elaine Feezel (w' Heather singing harmony)

Monday Heather & I traveled all the way back to Tuscan Hills winery (about 15 minutes from where I live) to entertain at a corporate event. Local cabinet factory Stevens Industries held a dealer meeting and hired us for the wine-and-dine portion.

We LOVE playing these type events! Our song selection and the ambiance we provide is a perfect fit for cocktails and dinner. Over the years I've noticed music can give people something to talk about when the conversation stalls. How many times have you been at a party or reception sitting with strangers - and the room seems to go awkwardly silent...?  


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That's it for now. Hope to see you this weekend!



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