Heather And Marty

an inviting blend of vintage-inspired originals and freshly arranged standards

Vocal/Guitar Duo

Village Wine Fri., Feb. 6th & guitar clinic Sat., Feb 7th

Hi everyone!

Here's what's up for this weekend:


Fri., Feb. 6th - Heather & Marty at Village Wine and Gifts. 7-10 pm

Sat. Feb. 7th - Guitar Clinic at Chesnut Family Music in Effingham. 2 pm

Sat. Feb. 7th - Student Show at Village Wine and Gifts. 7-10 pm
(featuring 5 of my adult guitar students singing and playing)

I'm really looking forward to the guitar clinic! I did one many years ago at Samuel Music in Effingham. At the time it was super-terrifying for me but once it started I enjoyed it.

Bassist Adam Burtch and drummer Kyle Heynen will be accompanying me. We'll play several instrumentals and I'll discuss chords, keys, demonstrate some songwriting techniques and answer audience questions.

We'll be showcasing locally built J. Chester amplifiers.


Hope you had a great weekend! Mine was long but also a lot of fun.

Thursday I had a student show at Joe Sippers with some of my guitar students that like to play and sing. We've had 26 of these shows in the past 3 years with probably a couple dozen students. Each performer sings and plays several songs. The idea is to get them the valuable experience they need to feel comfortable at an open-mic or any other live situation.

Public speaking is supposed to be the most terrifying thing but I think solo performing with a guitar and voice is whole new level. It's a cool thing to watch as they progress! Some of the adults have moved on to playing real gigs making real money!

Saturday I flew to Phoenix AZ. with my Chicago band Hello Dave to play a super bowl party for sandwich king Jimmy John. He's a big fan of the band and hires us to play occasional corporate events. The line-up was Hello Dave, Sophistaphunk & Kid Rock. (Yes, I said KR!) The venue was the Culinary Dropout restaurant in Scottsdale and we played outside on a big rock & roll style stage. Everyone with the Kid Rock crew was super accommodating and it went as smooth as you could hope.

We really liked Sophistafunk. They're a trio but the instrumentation is just drums and keys with a frontman/rapper. Keyboard player Adam does an incredible job of filling up the mix! He literally sounds like 3 people playing when he adds in a vocal. Kid Rock put on a great show and his band is top notch as you'd expect.

Sunday was travel day back to Effingham. I had an 11 am. flight to Indy but thanks to the "fog of the century" in Phoenix, we were delayed for 3.5 hours. I was actually lucky because the rest of the band was flying to Chicago and barely made it home because of a huge blizzard with strong winds! They were delayed forever and were one of the few flights that was able to get through.

Monday Heather and I played our first ever Groundhog Day Party at Spankys in Mattoon. They had the movie Groundhog Day playing repeatedly (of course!) on the screens. We had fun entertaining the pool league and giving out trivia prizes. Hope we do the gig next year, and ...over...and over...and over...


That's it for now. Hope to see you this weekend!



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