Heather And Marty

an inviting blend of vintage-inspired originals and freshly arranged standards

Vocal/Guitar Duo

Springtime, Open Mic on Wednesday, and Holiday Inn on Saturday

Hi everyone!

What do you think of the beautiful weather??? One of my favorite things is taking long dog walks with my chihuahua Ryan.

I live in the country so there's plenty of interesting trails nearby but when it's cold, poor Ryan hardly ever gets to leave the yard. I always intend to go walking, but you know how it goes.

Here's what's coming up this week:

Wednesday, March 18th - Heather & Marty at Village Wine and Gifts open mic. - 9:45 pm (15 min. set)

Wednesday, March 18th - Marty at Ichabods open mic. - 10:30 pm (30 min. set of instrumentals with Kyle and Adam)

Saturday, March 21st - Heather & Marty at the Effingham Holiday Inn. 7-9 pm (dinner set - all ages)

It's been a while since our last update but we've been working every weekend at various events and parties. We really like cocktail/dinner type gigs because they're always different and often challenging.

At a wedding reception recently, 10 minutes before showtime we were asked by the bride and mother-in-law if we new 3 Beatles songs. Only one did we actually know but had heard the other two countless times. With veins overflowing in ice water, I casually said "sure, we can play those." These songs had been part of the ceremony and they were hoping to dance to them at the reception. This would be a special moment if would could make it happen!

We quickly grabbed the guitar and found a rehearsal room. Using our phones we googled the lyrics and chord changes and after a couple run-thrus felt like we had decent arrangements. When the big moment came everything went well and our clients were super happy. Success!!!

That's all for now. Hope to see you this week!




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