Heather And Marty

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Vocal/Guitar Duo

Holiday Inn Sat. - NEW song release!

"Addie Lee you're a mystery..."

Hi, everyone!

 This weekend starts our first of many gigs for February.  

We're looking forward to being back at the Effingham  Holiday Inn this Saturday evening. The show starts at 7:00. Join us there and enjoy music (including a couple of brand new songs) while you dine or relax with a cocktail.

In songwriting news, we're happy to announce that we've delivered the first gifts of our Patreon crowdfunding campaign. Our patrons have received mp3s of a new original song called "Addie Lee" as well as other goods depending on pledge level. We'll be releasing one new song per month. To get an early copy while helping us cover recording costs please visit our  Patreon page for more info. You can help out by pledging as little as $5 per month!  


It's looking to be a busy month for Heather and Marty. Stay tuned for more news in our next installment.


This Saturday Heather & Marty will be at:

Effingham Holiday Inn

7-10 pm

Please join our Facebook Event and invite your friends!