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Song of the Month Club!

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At the beginning of 2016 we launched our Song of the Month Club at Patreon.com/HeatherAndMarty . We enjoyed the challenge of recording a new song each month and we appreciate the positive feedback we received. 


We want to thank everyone again for your interest and support. We're happy with our progress so far and look forward to continuing to regularly create and record original music.

Our Song of the Month club is a value for value situation; for as little as $5 you get exclusive recordings of our new songs and our production costs are covered by your monthly pledge. This gives us the opportunity to focus exclusively on creating new music.

We would love to have more donors helping us reach our goals of updating our recording equipment and releasing our 2nd CD later this year!

So now is your chance to join our endeavor! Once you've signed up please share with a friend who will enjoy being part of Heather & Marty's Song of the Month Club!

Check out our page at Patreon.com/HeatherAndMarty to join and get more info on the rewards you can get for your monthly pledge.

Thanks again!

-Heather & Marty