Heather And Marty

an inviting blend of vintage-inspired originals and freshly arranged standards

Vocal/Guitar Duo

Original Music by Heather & Marty

Why hire Heather & Marty for your Wedding Reception?

Live music welcomes:

After the wedding, your guests enter the reception venue greeted by live guitar and vocal music from Heather & Marty. Instantly they know this is not your standard wedding reception. The inviting softness of the music sets the tone for what is to come.

Live music passes time enjoyably:

As the guests make their way to the refreshment area and later their tables, the music keeps the energy up and the mood festive. The conversation flows as they listen to a  mix of jazz, pop and country standards spanning nearly the entire 20th century. Time seems to rush by as they wait for the bride and groom to finish wedding pictures and make their grand entrance.

Live music adds flavor to the meal:

With dinner the music tempo is slower, the room quieter and the food even more delicious!

Live music holds attention and builds anticipation:

As the guests gradually finish dinner and the conversation slows, the music becomes a pleasant distraction with guests discussing favorite songs. The tempo increases as the anticipation builds until finally the wedding party signals they are ready to pay tribute to the bride and groom.

The party has started!

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