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Complete Wedding Music by Heather & Marty

Music is one of the most important aspects of modern weddings. Consider the many times, in one form or another, it appears during the average wedding. 

The Ceremony

Starting with the most obvious, we have the prelude, processional and recessional during the ceremony. You likely either want the traditional "Bridal Chorus" and "Wedding March" or something much more personal. How will the music be played? Who is in charge of finding the songs, gathering the required equipment, and playing the music at just the right time? Heather & Marty can take these burdens and responsibilities out of the equation. We not only offer a substantial variety of traditional wedding songs, but we can also learn any song by request!

The Reception

During the cocktail hour, your diverse group of guests patiently awaits your arrival and tries to stay comfortable. Live cocktail and dinner music by Heather & Marty is the perfect solution, keeping the energy level up and the mood festive! Check out the 4 Ways Heather & Marty Can Make Your Wedding Reception One to Remember

The Rehearsal Dinner

You may not have considered the possibility of having live music at your wedding rehearsal dinner, but it is always a great idea! The same benefits that apply to receptions also apply to rehearsal dinners. And just think--you'll likely have music in the background, so why not make it Live Music! 

Need help picking out songs? Here are a few suggestions: Wedding Song List


Ceremonies starting at $500

Receptions starting at $200


"We chose Heather & Marty for our reception partially because of our prior experience with Marty when he was performing solo. After learning that he had expanded with Heather and listening to the demos on their website, we chose to attend one of their scheduled engagements.  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening while listening to their music and we appreciated their style as performers.

We are especially impressed with their professionalism and their rapport with our guests.

They have a great mix of selections, some are from other familiar artists and some they have written and developed themselves.  They are exceptionally good at projecting their personalities into their performance making it a wonderfully personal experience."

-Sandy Meinhart

"We chose you guys for our ceremony because you are the best! You are easy to work with and accommodated our wishes. We love your music and
your style. Having you play at our wedding made it unique and very special."

-Kyle Spour

"I chose Heather & Marty for my reception because I love their sound! Their music is easy listening, smooth, relaxing. They played at my husband's nephew's pre-wedding reception and their music just set the tone for the rest of the celebration. I wanted the same feel for our wedding celebration & they didn't disappoint me!!

I liked all of their song selections. Theyplease any age group and music style.

They are simply the best-- they do not dominate the
party but their music enhances the party. I just plain like their style."

-Kay Halford

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